Initial insights on blogging

31 07 2010

*Before you start reading my very first blog post, note that i really have no idea how to blog properly, therefore, feel free to leave me comments afterward and direct me to the right way of blogging 🙂 Cheers.*



Yes I have heard of those terms, but if you were to ask me the meanings, I  probably would have told you, “Online journals? Diaries?”….but what i have been told recently is that in fact, blogging isn’t just that.

I found out that blogging is a way to express your personal thoughts to the world, on some particular topics/interests. Not only famous writers allow to write reviews/articles on things, but “ANYONE” who can get access to the world wide web.

“We no longer have technological experts programming the web; we now have users that have taken control over the web!” (Tim O’Reilly, 2006). This has shown that Web 2.0 tools allow users to have the power to control over web spaces, they are no longer just readers, so it is very clear that basically everyone these days can read AND also write on the web. Web2.0 can be referred as the second generation of web development and secure information sharing (Annemarie Hunter, n.d.). It concepts have led to evolve social computing sites (Facebook, MySpace, bebo etc.), video-sharing sites (YouTube, Youku etc.) and blogs (Xanga, Yahoo! Blog etc).

The useful thing about blogging, to me, it seems not only to be a platform to express ideas and thoughts but it also allow us to build a community within the “WWW”. An example would be Sacha Chua’s blog. I found that she has used quite a lot of techniques on blogging, to increase the awareness of her activities to the world.

I am not too sure if i am correct, but one thing i found very interactive with her blog entries, is that she uses quite an amount of sketches/pictures to describes her ideas/thoughts on some particular topics. Also, she presented the blog in a way i am not too sure how to call it, but in a way that we normally would (should) present during orals. She interacts with the blog readers by asking questions to keep them interested and also to feel part of the community she is building. Below has an example:

Large team challenges, an Enterprise 2.0 related blog entry where Sacha blogged about the challenges large teams face within an organisation.

She also has heaps other very interesting enterprise 2.0 related blog entries, i highly recommend you to check out her blog if you are into this area. 🙂


As i have mentioned before, this is my very first blog post. I probably haven’t done quite a good job on completing this activity i was given, but I really would LOVE to read comments from you based on this blog entry and how i might improve in the future. Thanks. s2




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3 08 2010

I think you did a great job. Conversational tone can go a long way in creating a personal connection with readers, something that I’ve found difficult after writing so many assignments, and that you’ve captured in your first post at least. I think that bloggers need to find their own ways to differentiate themselves, whether it’s in written tone, other media such as illustrations, topics, or a combination of those things. I think she found her niche by giving a very human element to the topic of enterprise 2.0 which could potentially turn out fairly dry and impersonal. I think that bloggers as authors is a very interesting topic, and something I definitely plan on writing about (at in the future because I think that the style of writing and content has a huge impact on the readership.

3 08 2010

Hi Matt,

Thank you so much for your reply. In response to your comment, i personally think that blogging is more like to express ourselves to the readers, and i mean, i wouldn’t like telling someone about my feelings with plain boring texts (as in what you said, “written tone”). =P just my opinion. So thank you very much for letting me know that my way is one of the different ways to write blogs, i can now continue on building my blog page this way. =]


5 08 2010


Great post! and not everyone likes you know reading black letters behind a white background most of the time so adding in pictures and other media surely helps those sore eyes and it’s very engaging too


7 08 2010

hey karlo, thank you for your advice! i will keep that in mind in my next post which should be up within today, hopefully. =P

5 08 2010
Luke Delphin

I find it interesting that there are some people who have IT related study/work yet haven’t blogged or kept up to date with the phenomenon. In contrast I know quite a few people who are barely computer savvy but are online socializing 24/7.
It just goes to show that the technology platforms don’t matter so much as the creative expression put into the tools. As cliché as it sounds just be yourself when writing, as it’s your thoughts we want to read.

7 08 2010

hey luke, thanks for your comment. i completely agree with your point because i do know quite a few people are like that also. From my point of view, anyone who can get access to the web (i assume that is like nearly everyone in the world, guessing around 90% of world population,) they do not have to be interested in the IT area or good with computers, the only important thing is if they want to or not to use any of those web 2.0 tools to express themselves to others. And being enrolled in this unit, i am willing to do so. =]

7 08 2010

Hi all
In considering human beings knowledge, there are two types of knowledge. One is wirtten down in forms of books, journals … called explicit knowledge. and the other one is called tacit knowledge and that is existed in individuals minds consists of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, skills, … . This type of knowledge just comes out when people interact with each other afce to face. I think web 2.0 tools including blogs can facilitate this type of knowledge by virtual interacting.
What do you think?
Sirous panahi

7 08 2010
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12 08 2010

Great Blog Crystal! Looks like you have done your reasearch into the world of blogging and will find it very rewarding. After reading your blog I have decided to give Twitter a second chance, Can you link me to your twitter page? 🙂 Brooke

12 08 2010

hey brooke, thanks for your comment 🙂

heres the link to my twitter page as you requested:


27 09 2010
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