An advantage i discovered recently with using twitter.

7 08 2010

Noticed that i have not yet posted a blog entry of my thoughts on this week (week3) task for Enterprise 2.0, but as soon as i can get around to it and come up with something to talk about, it should be up before Monday’s lecture.

I have to say that i really am a beginner when it comes to blogging (still), so it would be fantastic if you could drop a line or two to maybe give me some ideas on how to blog properly. =P Thanks.


Ok, so now getting to the point i want to talk about. “An advantage i discovered recently with using twitter.”

About two or three days ago, i re-listened the week 3 lecture recording, i then remembered that Jason has created a page on twitter for us to communicate with each other. Although i have had a twitter account since like last year but i never really used to to communicate with friends or share much about my thoughts. However, after visiting the twitter page and seeing quite a lot of people been using it, i have decided to leave a tweet on it.

Now here comes the good part — After i tweeted, I have received 3 comments on my blog post!3 comments from people from my inb346 class. I reckon that was amazing! i wanted to hear from more people on my very first blog post and there! twitter made it happened.

Well, i am not sure if you agree but i think that twitter is awesome that it actually helped me delivered my message to my class. s2





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27 09 2010
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