Being a Web2.0 beginner

9 08 2010

Being a Web 2.0 beginner, my task for this week was to explore some web 2.0 tools. As i really didn’t know how to begin or what tools i should look at, therefore, i have decided to go on the Inb346 Blackboard site to reread the lecture notes. However, before i even got to that, i have noticed that Jason (our lecturer) has posted some links related to this topic, which i have found very useful as it has provided me with a list of web 2.0 tools i could choose from.

web2.0 sites

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The task has then became a lot easier, all i needed to do was to go to the website posted by Jason, choose ONE from those 3350 listed on the site to begin my task with, which just sound amazingly easy to me. (cough cough) OK, enough of fooling around, lets actually get into what i have discover and learnt last week. 🙂

So i have previously looked at twitter and discussed about something i wasn’t aware before, in my last blog post. This time, i have decided to randomly choose one from the list of web 2.0 tools and i clicked on this one — Formspring.

As it described on “GO2WEB20”, it is a site where you can create a box and your friends (who has also signed up an account) can ask you questions, either with their account name or anonymously. Then the responses you provide to the questions could be posted onto Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook or your blog, to share with your friends and family (who don’t have to have an account with Formspring.) I have found this tool very interesting and i reckon that it might actually be able to increase the interactions with people as it allow you to link to some social networking sites.

I remember Jason has mentioned that, if you want to be able to work effectively with someone, you need to get to know them first. This is where i think “Formspring” would be useful as it allows you to tell others of what they want to know about you, and/or answer questions about yourself. Also, not only just those who asked questions but you can also share your thoughts to, for example: everyone within your friends list on Facebook.

So how can web 2.0 tools assist with my personal productivity?

  • I can create myself an online resume/profile on some trusted professional websites, such as Linkedln, (Page.28 Week2 Lecture Notes) which might essentially allow people from different companies in the industry to consider about getting contact with me, provide me with ideas or direct me to the right path way in getting into their company.
  • Exchanging ideas with others who are interested in the same topics as i am. I am aware that a lot of communications/interactions with different people could potentially increase ones knowledge.
  • Not only gaining myself knowledge from others but web 2.0 tools also allow me to share my own understandings/knowledge with others who might be interested.
  • Build a community/ a name of myself in a specific field of interest.

I hope i have successfully talked about everything i meant to talk about and didn’t misunderstood the tasks. However, if i did, please drop a line for me so i can maybe edit this post or even put up another blog entry which would actually be relevant to this week tasks. Thank you. 🙂 s2




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