The dangers of social networking!

16 08 2010
The dangers of social networking

The dangers of social networking

I found this comic quite funny so i have decided to post it up here just to see if i might get any discussion from you guys. 🙂





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20 08 2010
Luke Delphin

This was one of my main points made in my blog, that contradictory information is often shared across networking sites. Another key issue I think this comic raises up is that there are (usually) no restrictions enforced so that certain people can read certain information. This leads to one party interpreting information incorrectly from its intended purpose.
This occurred in the comic, with the older generation (Mother) misinterpreting the statement made my the younger generation (Son).
Just replace the generation difference with department or job difference and I could see this occurring in a corporate scenario.

22 08 2010

Yea, i agree with you on the fact that there are usually no restrictions on who can view what information you share online. Take Facebook as an example, for a status you post, basically all the people on your friends list can both read and comment on it by Facebook default. The only way to stop that happening is when you dont be friends with some particular people on those social networking sites or put them in your “black-list”. 😛

Thanks for your comment luke! i have already subscribe your blog haha.

22 08 2010

Haha I found this comic hillarious! But I think that it does raise a really good point in that you don’t know who is reading your online posts and you don’t know how they will be interpreted, so it is really important to take that into consideration before you share personal information and opinions. This really highlights the fact that nothing on the internet is private.


22 08 2010

Yea, just like what they say in the lecture, think before you “talk” online. I mean, a good way to put this would be, if you wouldnt say certain things to a certain people in real life, why do in on the cloud?

Imagine you are on stage and all your friends (including you boss, classmates, colleagues or maybe even people you dont know well) sitting right in front of you, i am sure you would think really deeply of what you are going to say out loud. Right? 🙂

But yea, i do agree that the internet isnt private at all, even if you set passwords for your stuff, “some” people might still be able to hack into it. Take that justin bieber twitter account for example if you have read Mx the other day hahaha.

Thanks brooke for commenting.!

27 09 2010
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