Risks of NOT implementing Enterprise2.0

25 08 2010

So i have only just realised i forgot to mentioned about the risks for NOT implementing Enterprise2.0 in my earlier posts.

I just have a quick example to explain to one of the risk, Unauthorised use of web tools.

I have a friend, who is working for an organisation, i heard that her job mainly is just sit in the office, organise files, take phone calls, enter clients information etc. So she got a computer and has access to the internet and I often talk to her via facebook chat while she’s at work, but that was before her boss put a restrictions on all social networking sites for their office, last month. Since then, she has been complaining on facebook saying that she feels like she is in jail, as she no longer has any communication to the outside world (either than the phone)  while she is at work.

“I thought you have an iPhone? doesn’t it has wifi or 3G?” i accidently asked her without even thinking that she really should be working at work and not facebook at the time. 😛 ah well, the story goes on.

Once i reminded her, “accidently”, she then spent the next few days at work trying to figure out how to use wifi/3G and it turned out that they do not have wifi in the office…. -___-” So she tried 3G and hoya! she got it, facebook on iphone at work.

Anyway, get back to my point, so before her boss put the restrictions on facebook, although she often gets on it and chat with others, but that was when she has either got her work completed or just taking a break from the stress. However, after her boss put the restrictions on facebook, she spent days (at work) on figuring out how to get access to it, and now she is valuable-ing every moment on it.

So my question is, What’s the point? They are just going to go on using those tools anyway. No matter what it takes, it seems…-___-”





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5 09 2010

I’m finding it a little hard to sympathise with your friend’s plight. Her employer is paying her for her efforts and spending the three or four hours between breaks out of the loop probably wouldn’t have killed her.

On the other hand, her employers should have guessed that this sort of circumvention would occur. There had to have been a better way to deal with this – it takes real (lack of) skill to take the process of correcting a minor bad habit and turn it into some sort of draconian punishment. Sound like a pretty disfunctional workplace, to me.

Really like the split-post idea, by the way. There must have been something about this particular task that inspires it – I’ve seen three of four other people do the same.

27 09 2010

It is actually a very disfunctional workplace i heard. She has been complaining since she first started working there. If i had the chance to provide some ideas to her company, i would definitely do so with what i have been learning in the past few weeks about the good and bad things for implementing web2.0 into enterprises.

So i have been thinking maybe thats why we were given Assignment 2, so we can provide our thoughts to companies and how they could improved.

Unfortunately i am an INB student.

Thank you for your comment but also sorry for my late reply, i am new to wordpress and i only just found out you have left me a comment.

27 09 2010

Sorry for my late reply:

No problem. I’ve got the ‘follow-up comments via email’ option turned on by default so it doesn’t really matter when someone replies. I’ll still know 🙂

INB student / friend’s job:

Perhaps you could talk to your group about it? I’m sure that Jason wouldn’t mind accomodating another ‘own choice’ assignment – he’s already prepared to deal with the three or four Master’s groups that’ll be submitting theirs.

Dysfunctional workplace:

Yep, it sure sounds like it. Hope your friend isn’t suffering too much as a result.

27 09 2010
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[…] Risks of NOT implementing Enterprise2.0 […]

27 09 2010

hahah yea i normally have that “follow-up comments via email” on as well, but i think my probably is that my email inbox is a mess. I have actually brought up a discussion with a friend on his blog post before:


….about what happened and how to solve the problem when we get too many notifications by blog posts/facebook for example.

Thanks for your suggestion, i think i might talk to my group about it but like you said, jason is only dealing with the master’s groups, we are only INB students, what i think is my group probably would like to stick with what we are required to do. 😛 Thank you though.

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