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8 09 2010

Before i get into this week’s activity, let me share something i found from What a Blog Can Do For Your Small Business with you:

Personal Blogs: a mixture of a personal diary, opinion posts and research links. (by )

which is basically describing my blog right here and also some other INB346 students’.

Business Blogs: a corporate tool for communicating with customers or employees to share knowledge and expertise. Business blogs are sweeping the business community. Blogs are an excellent method to share a company’s expertise, build additional web traffic, and connect with potential customers. (by )

Ok, now let me get into my chosen organisation and show you how they are using blogging within their enterprise.

Toys “R” Us advertise their new products via blogging link and micro blogging facebook link & twitter link to everyone on the internet , such as consumers and people who are interested in their products. I think this company is a good example of how some businesses are using BOTH blogging and micro blogging within their enterprise, externally.

As Facebook allows users to upload photos/videos, that way, if Toys”R”Us does promotions on their products, they can use this micro blog to highlight them or even record a demo on how the product works etc. to the viewer. Also, when they want to give  details on any upcoming products/events, they could change over to use proper blogging instead of just dropping a line on twitter to consumers.

By using external blogs for their company allows them to save money on advertisements, instant updates on their promotions and create a good image for their company on the internet. Also, as we all know that blogs are one of the web 2.0 tools, which means it allows viewers/users to provide feedbacks back to the company on their promotions/products. The out come for doing this to the company would be saving money on creating surveys using online survey platforms (mentioned in my previous post, link) and able to efficiently make any necessary changes based on the feedbacks provided to them, in order to build up their organisation (in general).

I am not too sure if i have blog about the right thing for this week’s activity, please leave me a comment and let me know, thanks guys 🙂





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8 09 2010
Luke Delphin

I wonder if you know how effective their online advertisement strategies are? When I think of Toys “R” Us I think of kids toys, which isn’t your general internet using demographic.

8 09 2010

Hey thanks luke,

By having around 651,546 people liking their facebook page and 42,152 Followers on Twitter, i am guessing most of them are either consumers or people who “like” Toy”R”Us. Also, when you say kids toys, yes i agree that most people would think that when they hear Toy”R”Us. But look at it this way, i personally don’t think “kids” would go and buy toys on their own? when you say kids, im assuming the age is around 0 – 12.

Take a look at this website (Study on ages of social networking users):

And by my understanding and what they mentioned on that website “A full 25% of the users on these sites are aged 35 to 44.” which i considered it to be the “parents” group. (which i called them consumers, since they are the one “buying” the products.)

If you get what i mean.

Thanks for your comment!!

27 09 2010
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