Corporate use of Social Networks

18 09 2010

How companies are using (or could use) Social networks with (or within) their enterprise?

So my task for this week is to basically focusing on answering the question above. It seems to me the best way to answer this question would be giving a real example. Therefore, i went online and search for social networking for business and i have found the link below: (which gives a list of social networking sites for business.)

I have decided to choose one of the sites from the link above, and then talk about how they could be used in business and also list the benefits and pitfalls, as that was stated in the task.

LinkedIn, the reason i have chosen Linkedin is because I have experienced it and would be able to provide you with a real example of how it works. However, first of all, please allow me to give you a brief description of what it is.

As it has stated on their front page, there are “over 75 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities” (LinkedIn, 2010) Also, it allows you to not only connect with professionals within your country, but also to heaps other professionals around the world.

“LinkedIn had more than 75 million registered users, spanning more than 200 countries and territories worldwide” (LinkedIn, 2010)

LinkedIn provides you with a platform to build up your online profile to connect with the people you already know and trust. and also allow you to be introduced to other professionals out there, you might happened to get connections to your potential partners/clients through LinkedIn.

Once you have set up your account on it and searched for the people you wished to connect with, you then can start sharing information, data and files across with them. (eg. LinkedIn allows you to form groups with your connections, for example, you might want to form a group with some professionals for a specific project.)

“A professional network that allows you to be introduced to and collaborate with other professionals.”

*if you were a job seeker, LinkedIn might be a good platform for you to spend some time looking at. However, i am not going to go into too much details on this today.*

What are the disadvantages for using LinkedIn?

To answer this question, i have decided to provide you with a blog post i found below:

LinkedIn: Like a bad chain letter

Personal Experience:

For my INB102 class last year, our tutor introduced LinkedIn to us, that was the first time i have ever heard of it. To allow us to gain more understanding of what it does and how it works, he told us to get online and create an account for it. Also, he suggested that we should be using our real information when setting our profiles as it might become useful in the future.  I didn’t take much noticed of it but still went with what i was told to do.

After setting up our profiles and added our tutor on it, he informed us that he has set up a group and sent out invitations to all of us to join. After joining the group, i was able to see who else joined it in our class, which allows me to connect with others within our tutorial class.

My tutor has used an awesome way to explain to us how LinkedIn works by having the whole tutorial taught on it in, such as posting the tutorial materials, setting up a discussion and answering our questions etc. He has made it so we wanted to participate in using it and provided us with a good experience/impression of LinkedIn.

However, towards the end of the term for that unit, the time we spent on LinkedIn decreased to once every 2 weeks. I think the reason for that was because we were only first year students, most of us weren’t keen on connecting with professionals out there around the world. Therefore, I started to have left it behind my head after Semester One.

Now here comes the bit where i found amazing. As i have mentioned, i completely left LinkedIn behind when i finished my unit, INB102. However, one day (like around 2 months later) after uni when i got online and checked my email, i found an email sent from LinkedIn asking if i wanted to connect with someone, (whose name i have never heard of). I logged into my LinkedIn account to have a look and realised that person has sent me a personal note saying something like:

“You probably don’t know who I am, I am actually a friend of your connections on LinkedIn. The reason I wanted to connect with you is because I am currently working on a project where I need to find an international student studying at university in Brisbane. As I do not know any international students myself, I have sent messages around to all my connections and one of them directed me to you.”

I was shock at first because I wasn’t too sure of what was going on and who that person was, but then I thought, why not give them a hand? So then I “connected” with that person and answered his questions about being an international students. (Not too sure how he went with that project thought. Ha)

That is about it, my personal experience for using Social Networking other than facebook. 🙂


Not too sure if i have done anything wrong with this week’s task, please drop a line or two for me when you get the time to. Thanks! 🙂




5 responses

20 09 2010
Luke Delphin

That’s one of the defining features of LinkedIn I really like: the ability to refer people through other people. It helps with the networking scene greatly and introducing you to other areas of industry or even specialists within your own chosen field.
Unfortunately I think such a feature only works with the professionalism offered by LinkedIn; imagine such features being on Facebook! It wouldn;t go down too well I think.

23 09 2010

yea i completely agree with you, i mean even the atmosphere on Facebook and LinkedIn are different. Facebook provides apps (such as online games, poker etc) to their users, where you wouldnt be able to such things appear in LinkedIn. (which also makes it one of the good things about LinkedIn, it is more a formal social networking site rather than a casual/fun one, like Facebook)

22 09 2010

Actually, I have a linkedin account but I never use it!….

The reason why I havent used it I think is because I didnt understand the reason of having an linkedin account and I didnt know the benefit of it. For me it was just another account… In fact, I dont remember my account user. I know I have a linkedin acount because of the emails it send to me…However, I am considering to update it and start to use it.

Thank to you….!

Nice blog!!!

23 09 2010

Thank you for your comment, i am glad you found it useful. I mean, if you dont mind, you can read my comment above to Luke. It is very different to other social networking sites, you/we have been playing around with, such as Facebook.

Have a try at it again and see if you find it useful for uni work/your job. 🙂

27 09 2010
Enterprise 2.0 « Cheng's Blog

[…] Corporate use of Social Networks […]

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